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Plexus Productions

Plexus Productions was created in 1977 by W. Rex Voland as the business model representing his musical career. At the time Rex performed as "Plexus From the Sublime to the Bizarre on Acoustic Guitar" Over the years the name "Plexus" was assigned not only to Rex as a solo performer but also to 2 bands and ultimately in 1987 as his Clown nom de pleur: Rexus Plexus the PHAT "Clown" from Texas.

Rex received the nickname "Plexus" at Southwestern where he received a BFA in theatre. While attempting to design a special piano prop for "Dames at Sea" he exclaimed, "It can't be done on our budget". His roommate, Paul Bailey, a fellow thespian answered, "Rex is perplexed" and the director, Fred Goodson, dubbed him "Rexus Plexus". Rex has been known as Plexus ever since.

Working with Three Ring Service for over 20 years, Plexus Productions has been able to provide a multitude of entertainers and attractions, but primarily W. Rex Voland, as a performer liaison, was its primary asset. Currently Rex is working as a self-employed Entertainment Specialist/Entrepreneur.

Under the Plexus Productions banner Rex has not only performed but also created the Plexus record label. In 1983 following the request of many of the clubs in which he regularly performed, Rex financed and produced his original song, "Ugly Woman" and had it pressed on 45 RPM to be included in the clubs jukebox titles. Unfortunately 2 weeks after the record was released, all jukeboxes were converted to the CD format. Plexus Productions was left with 100's of copies of the 45. Subsequently the record never saw any airplay.

Currently Plexus Productions represents Rex in his many varied personas and can provide other talented entertainers to fulfill your party needs. In conjunction with Three Ring Service, Casino parties, complete carnivals, balloon decor, and entertainment for any type of event can be provided.